Smart Energy Products


We use machine learning to intelligently produce, distribute, and steer energy consumption towards strategic optimisation goals. The core of our smart energy products is that we make very accurate predictions of demand on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.


How much, when, and where


Energy consumption is typically not flexible, so by forecasting it accurately we know how and when to tune production to demand. This helps reduce energy waste and allows us to reduce the frequency of expensive production peaks. City district heating systems benefit by being able to operate on lower supply temperatures. This same accurate insight can at times lower capacity requirements – all whilst achieving increased comfort for consumers.





Dispatch profiles


We combine accurate knowledge of demand with dynamic fuel cost structure to create dispatch profiles that operators can rely on for decision-support. By leveraging this tool dispatch operators can more quickly and easily understand which biofuel ensures supply requirements at the lowest cost. This does not only help avoid unnecessary costs but also provides input for fuel purchasing. These insights are provided to operators through interpretable machine learning views, so that operators can feel confident that their decision support system add value to their own views.

Meter fraud detection


As we know how much would likely be consumed at each location, we also know what is unlikely. This makes meter fraud investigations more efficient. We compare data from different meters and quickly identify irregularities to prevent surprises in your billing process.