Partnership product integration support


InSignal’s partners can integrate and consume its products, services and expertise in various ways to match the partner’s requirements and organisational context. Broadly speaking, this occurs by contracting our SaaS products, and by integrating tailored versions thereof into your organisation. In addition, we can support management with independent expert advice related to smart energy products and services beyond our direct offering.


When consuming or integrating a tailored, possibly white-labeled SaaS solution towards our partners, we deploy the below four-step process to onboard and engage decision-makers, middle management, and personnel. This approach is a tried-and-trial process to successfully integrate our software into your organisation, so that you can achieve your goals:


Ideation workshop

Through a half-day session with decision-makers, organisational problems are identified. These are short-listed and sorted by iteratively discussing short-term financial impact, potential to solve the problem through a smart solution, and the likelihood of success.




Functional workshop

Short-listed problems with likely solutions are taken to the relevant teams and discussed in practical detail. This workshop helps confirm the viability of the idea before resources are scaled into it, and helps identify data streams and work processes to be amended.

Kick-off workshop

Following the adaptation of InSignal’s solution to the organisation’s context and processes, middle management and personnel are engaged with new proposed processes and amended KPIs.


Upskilling workshop

Personnel that will use InSignal solutions may be interested in learning more about machine learning and applications thereof in the solution, so they can help drive further value. In addition, other staff functions such as IT may be interested to learn how ML models interact with data and/or IT integrations.